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GPN Program Information

The Program is administered by the Chairman of the Neuroscience Advisory Committee, and comprises some 60 faculty members representing 13 departments from the Faculties of Medicine, Science and Arts at the University of British Columbia. Laboratory and teaching areas are located across the U.B.C. campus and at the University Hospital and the Vancouver Hospital, according to the teaching and research affiliations of the Neuroscience faculty members. The Program aims for flexibility so that the individual needs and background of each student can, as quickly as possible, be accommodated.


The comprehensive core course in Neuroscience (NRSC 500 & 501) cover all aspects of the discipline, from molecules to behavior, and is team-taught by the Neuroscience faculty at U.B.C. The year-long intensive training provides graduate students with both the depth and the breadth of knowledge required to launch a successful career as a neuroscientist.

In addition to the comprehensive core Neuroscience course, U.B.C. offers courses related to Neuroscience through various departments, including Anaesthesia, Anatomy, Audiology and Speech Sciences, Biochemistry, Mathematics, Medicine (Neurology), Oral Biology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Pathology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Physiology, Psychiatry, Psychology, Surgery (Neurosurgery and Otolaryngology), and Zoology.

Facilities Available for Students

Associated with the various faculty members' laboratories there are available for students: microcomputing and word processing facilities; mainframe computing time for data storage, statistical analysis, graphics, and e-mail networks; on-line database retrieval; photocopying machines; and student-faculty lounges.

For more Information:

Seminars are regularly hosted by the GPN, see also: material excerpted from the Student Handbook (including information about living in Vancouver and housing).



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