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Dr.  İpek  Oruç

PhD New York University
Psychology Department
Cognition and Perception Program
MS Boğaziçi University
Computer Science
BS Boğaziçi University
Computer Science

Position and Department:
Assistant professor, Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences


email address

Office phone:  (604) 875-4111 ext: 69398

Web site:  http://www.visualcognition.ca/ipek


Research Objectives:

  • Visual perception of high level form
  • Face and object recognition
  • Psychophysics
  • fMRI


Selected References:

Oruç, İ., Krigolson, O., Dalrymple, K., Nagamatsu, L., Handy, T., Barton, J.J.S. (2011). Bootstrap analysis of the single subject with event related potentials. Cognitive Neuropsychology, (accepted).

Lai, M., Oruç, İ., Barton, J.J.S. (2011). The role of skin texture and facial shape in representations of age and identity. Cortex, (epub Oct 8).

Dalrymple, K., Oruç, İ., Duchaine, B., Pancaroglu, R., Fox C., Iaria, G., Handy, T., Barton, J.J.S. (2011). The neuroanatomic basis of the face-selective N170 in acquired prosopagnosia: A combined ERP/fMRI study. Neuropsychologia 49: 2553-2563.

Oruç, İ., Barton, J.J.S. (2011). Adaptation improves discrimination of face identity. Proceedings of the Royal Society, B, 278, 1718: 2591-2597.

Lai, M., Oruç, İ., Barton, J.J.S. (2011). Facial age after-effects show partial identity invariance and transfer from hands to faces. Cortex, (epub Jan 5).

Oruç, İ., Guo, X.M., Barton, J.J.S. (2011). Gender in Facial Representations: A Contrast-Based Study of Adaptation within and between the Sexes. PLoS ONE, 6(1): e16251.

Pichler, P., Dosani, M, Oruç, İ., Barton, J.J.S. (2011). The nature of upright and inverted face representations: an adaptation-transfer study of configuration. Cortex, (epub Mar 11).

Oruç, İ., Barton, J.J.S. (2010). Critical frequencies in the perception of letters, faces, and novel shapes: evidence for limited scale-invariance for faces. Journal of Vision, 10 (12):20, 1-12.

Oruç, İ., Barton, J.J.S. (2010). A novel face aftereffect based on recognition contrast thresholds. Vision Research, 50: 1845-1854.





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