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Selected publications below in 3 areas: Connectivity, Disease Stroke/Psychiatric, and Oxidative stress.


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Cover of Nature Neuroscience 2013, 10  

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also see: Software.  

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 **  Supported in part by the Estate of Erika W. White.
The purpose of this fund is to support research into the medical use of laser technology.

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 **Contains our cover photo:

Cover Image 

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Cover of Neuron 16, April 1996  

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Disease Stroke/Psychiatric:

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Author summary in more simple language.

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Supplemental Movies

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Supplemental Movies

Cover image

Winship IR and Murphy TH (2008) In vivo calcium imaging reveals functional rewiring of single somatosensory neurons after stroke. J. Neurosci. 28:6592-6606
  -  see comments in Research Highlights, Neuroscience: Rewiring the brain. Nature 454, 140; doi:10.1038/454140b.

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Supplemental Movie

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** Contains our
cover photo:

 Cover image

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Oxidative stress:

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