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Federico Bolanos Federico Bolanos Masters student Chief cage builder


Blair Jovellar Blair Jovellar Masters student Mouse brain stimulation


Matilde Balbi Matilde Balbi PDF Motor function in acute/chronic stroke.


Dr. Matthieu Vanni Matthieu Vanni Postdoctoral Fellow Cellular intracortical mapping parcellation and relation to function


Dr. Jamie Boyd Jamie Boyd Software developer and systems neuroscience oracle Automated brain mapping development data acquisition software, guides lab decisions regarding experimental design and logic.


Dr. Allen W. Chan Allen W. Chan Postdoctoral Fellow Mesoscale imaging and models of psychiatric disorders.

Cindy Jiang Xiao-Yan "Cindy" Jiang Lab Technician Surgery tech animal colony manager.


Diana H. Lim Omid Graduate Student Autoweighing system


Diana H. Lim Greg Silasi PDF Homecage assessment of motor function and all things stroke, soon to be in alumni category, students should look at his lab U of Ottawa.


Diana H. Lim Dongsheng Xiao PDF Spike triggered mapping


Diana H. Lim Catalin Mitelut Graduate Student Spike triggered mapping and LFP


Pumin Wang Pumin Wang Lab Technician  Surgery tech legendary maker of giant craniootomy


Jeff LeDue Jeff LeDue  Optics Technician Builds new imaging and brain stimulation tools, 2nd person I ask for help when I don't know what to do.



Thomas C. Harrison Thomas C. Harrison Alumnus  PhD May 2013
Univ. California Berkeley.


Allen Yicheng Xie Allen Yicheng Xie Alumnus  Stroke and vulerability of specific cell populations.


Allen Yicheng Xie Andy Shih Alumnus  PhD student Stroke and oxidative stress. Now faculty Univ. of South Carolina


Eitan Annenberg Eitan Annenberg Alumnus  Motor mapping in acute stroke.


Diana H. Lim Diana H. Lim Alumnus  Plasticity after stroke. University lecturer


Dr. Shangbin Chen Shangbin Chen Alumnus Faculty, HUST China
Stroke and vulnerability
of specific cell populations.


Dr. Majid H. Mohajerani Majid H. Mohajerani  Alumnus Postdoctoral Fellow,
now Faculty
Lethbridge Alberta Canada
Post-stroke activity-dependent neural repair and basic cortical circuit biology.


Craig E. Brown Craig E. Brown Alumnus Now Assistant Professor, Division of Medical Sciences and Department of Biology, University of Victoria.


Ian R. Winship Ian R. Winship Alumnus Now Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Alberta, Edmonton.


Yoichi Niitsu Yoichi Niitsu Alumnus  Cortical mini-strokes now returned to Japan and Daiichi Sanyko position in industry.


Alexander Goroshkov Alexander Goroshkov Alumnus  Halifax optical tech.


Dr. Albrecht Sigler Albrecht Sigler Alumnus Max Planck Institute of Experimental Medicine, Göttingen Germany.


Oliver E. Ayling Khatereh Aminoltejari Alumna Graduate Student Med student UBC Stroke recovery, re-mapping of sensory responses.


Pamela Arstikaitis Pamela Arstikaitis Alumna Postdoctoral Fellow Grad student PDF Stanford/UBC Synapse development.


Oliver Ayling Oliver Ayling Alumnus Graduate Student Neurosurgery resident UBC In vivo synaptic physiology and optogenetic brain mapping.


Nadia Scott Nadia Scott Alumna Graduate Student Germany PhD student   Brain mapping by hemodynamic responses, novel methods.


Sherri Tran Sherri Tran Alumna Graduate Student Med student UBC Hypothermia and synaptic structure during stroke.


David McVea David McVea Alumna Graduate Student Impact of spontaneous network activity and muscle spindle derived signals on sensorimotor function. Resident UBC epidemiology